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Top Companies Looking for Business Analysts in 2023

top companies for business analyst

Picture this: you’ve completed your business analysis studies. You’ve joined online bootcamps and taken certification courses. Your skill set is jammed with everything you need to ace an interview and have a tremendous business analysis career. You have the skills, you have the experience, and you have the talent. So. Now what?

Well, now you need to find a job and get to work. That’s obvious, but where do you even begin? That’s what this article is for. You are about to find the top companies for business analyst positions in America. We will review what a business analyst is, why you should become one, how you get a job as a business analyst, and tell you the companies you should be directing your efforts and energy. And, in deference to today’s workplace environment, we’ll explore remote job opportunities too.

But before we reveal the best opportunities and show you the best companies for business analyst careers, let’s address a few related issues first. For starters, what’s a business analyst?

What is a Business Analyst?

If you’re late to the business analysis party and want to know what we’re talking about, here is what a business analyst does. A business analyst uses data to help their company make informed decisions that will create timely, practical business solutions. The business analyst works closely with the finance and IT teams. Many organizations rely on business analysts to help with related tasks such as financial modeling, budgeting and forecasting, pricing, variance analysis, and reporting.

Why Should You Become a Business Analyst? 

Here are seven good reasons you should become a business analyst and get recruited by one of the best companies for business analysts.

1) The job pays above-average salaries. The typical business analyst working in the United States currently earns an average of $86,724, according to Indeed.com. This figure is noticeably higher than the average salary in the U.S. Glassdoor reports $81,609, which is in the same ballpark. Of course, you can get even higher wages if you land a position at one of the best companies for business analysts. Additionally, a few good job performance reviews can significantly increase those salaries.

2) The position is in high demand. The business world needs more business analysts. As data plays a more significant role in how companies conduct business, the demand for professionals who can make good decisions based on that data will correspondingly increase. This rising demand exists in companies regardless of size, location, or industry. Furthermore, there’s currently a business analyst shortage.

3) There’s tremendous growth potential. As new ideas, technology, and methodologies appear, the business analyst has to keep up, which means growing your skill set. Additionally, there are plenty of positions you can advance into at the top companies for business analysts when the time is right:

a) Business Analyst-Consultant

b) Business Analyst/Project Manager

c) Consultant

d) Data Analyst

e) Project Manager

f) Product Manager

g) Senior Business Analyst

h) Systems Analyst

4) You have a lot of independence. Although business analysts must maintain solid communication with upper management, they have a high degree of autonomy. This freedom is necessary because standard procedures can’t account for every new problem or challenge that comes down the road.

5) It’s never dull. Business analysts constantly face new challenges. There’s always another project or a new obstacle to overcome.

6) You can collaborate across a broad spectrum, boosting your networking skills and making new connections. Business analysts frequently communicate and work with various departments within the company. As a result, you can make new friends and connections and learn new skills.

7) You help others. Business analysts tackle complex business challenges; depending on the issue, you could make people’s jobs easier. Additionally, your analysis can lead to good decisions that keep the company prospering and provides your fellow employees with job security.

How Do You Get a Business Analyst Job?

Before you assume the role of business analyst in a major company, you need to ensure that you have the right skills in place and meet the necessary requirements. For example, business analysts typically need Excel and SQL experience to analyze massive data sets and gain relevant business knowledge. Most business analysts also have experience in stakeholder analysis, cost-benefit analysis, business structure, process modeling, and an understanding of enterprise architecture. You will also need specific essential soft skills such as organization, attention to detail, and analytical skills.

Here’s a helpful series of steps to improve your chances of a successful business analyst career and get your pick of the best companies for business analysts.

1) Earn your bachelor’s degree. Business analysts with undergraduate degrees have more career opportunities available. A four-year degree in business administration will give you a competitive edge and help you master business systems, business models, and best practices.

2) Attend an online coding bootcamp. Coding bootcamps help you learn critical concepts in business analytics. An excellent bootcamp program will familiarize you with the basics of SQL and, depending on the curriculum, will teach you business analytics tools, statistical languages, and related software. Bootcamps also offer you excellent networking opportunities.

3) Obtain a business analyst certification. If you have a robust assortment of business analysis certifications, it proves to potential employers that you can complete business analyst work. Consider certification in areas such as an  IIBA Agile Analysis Certification (AAC), IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA),or IIBA Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA).

4) Get an internship or apprenticeship. You’ve undoubtedly heard the familiar refrain: “You need the experience to get a job, but you need a job to gain experience!” Fortunately, plenty of business analysis internships are available to help you learn business skills, best practices, and processes.

5) Update your resume or CV. A solid resume and compelling accompanying cover letter can be an ideal showcase to display your abilities and experience to potential employers. So, ensure that these documents are up to date and include everything you’ve done.

Now, let’s look at the top companies for business analysts to work for.

The Top 20 Companies Hiring Business Analysts

Here are the 20 best companies for business analyst professionals, ranked according to the base annual salary. These figures are provided courtesy of Indeed.com.

1) Intuit: $139,296 per year

2) Fannie Mae: $116,528 per year

3) TIAA: $115,509 per year

4) Oracle: $112,214 per year

5) UBS: $108,453 per year

7) Thermo Fisher Scientific: $107,420 per year

8) Barclays: $106,417 per year

9) Lockheed Martin: $104,830 per year

10) Favor TechConsulting: $104,041 per year

11) Cox Communications Inc.: $103,591 per year

12) Accenture: $102,861 per year

13) Capital One: $102,374 per year

14) UKG: $101,623 per year

15) Cisco Systems: $96,499 per year

16) Citi: $95,796 per year

17) Walmart: $95,235 per year

18) General Dynamics Information Technology: $93,930 per year

19) Tata Consultancy Services (TCS): $93,779 per year

20) Optum: $92,806 per year

21) IBM: $91,508 per year

Regarding Remote Business Analyst Jobs

The global pandemic has created a paradigm shift in how companies deal with remote work. Initially viewed with suspicion, remote work has gone mainstream, and what was once considered a perk given to the privileged few is now a standard offering for many businesses today.

According to the FlexJobs website, these are the ten significant companies hiring professionals for remote business analyst work and recent available positions, presented in alphabetical order. This list changes daily, depending on the individual company and its needs. Consider this a current snapshot of the best companies to work for as a business analyst remotely.


1) Financial Analyst – People

2) Financial Analyst – Affiliate Marketing


1) Business Operations Analyst

2) Business Analyst II

3) Senior Financial Analyst

CVS Health

1) Financial Planning and Analysis Senior Analyst

2) Operations Technology Analyst


1) Business Analyst

2) Senior Business Analyst

3) MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Analyst


1) Business Process Analyst

2) Principal Business Analyst

3) Business – Financial Analyst


1) Business Analyst

2) Infrastructure Business and Strategy Analyst

3) Revenue Operations Analyst, Usage


1) Business Analyst

2) Operations Analyst Business and Reporting

3) Senior Business Operations and Reporting Analyst

Robert Half International

1) Business Analyst

2) Business Systems Analyst

3) Product Analyst

Thermo Fisher Scientific

1) Business Data Analyst

2) Customer Experience Analyst – Business Analytics

3) Senior Analyst, Commercial Excellence

UnitedHealth Group

1) Senior Business Systems Analyst

2) Senior Business Analyst

3) Utilization Management Business Analyst

Here’s How You Can Learn Business Analytics Easily

Now that you’ve been made aware of the best companies for business analysts ask yourself if you could benefit from more business analytics training. Hint: since there’s no such thing as having too much knowledge or being too skilled, the answer is “yes!”

The University of Minnesota’s Carson School of Management course, held in collaboration with IBM, provides a six-month bootcamp designed to deliver a high-engagement learning experience in concert with real-world applications that teaches you the skills needed to succeed at business analytics.

You will learn essential skills such as:

1) Business Analytics

2) Data Visualization

3) Descriptive Statistics

4) Hypothesis Testing

5) Linear Regression

6) Logistic Regression

7) Predictive Statistics

8) Prescriptive Statistics

After you complete the business analyst certification course, you will be awarded your certificate from the Carlson School of Management and invited to join the prestigious UMN Alumni Association.

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